One fabulous destination to hold a Nursing Conference is Cambodia. The Nurses for Nurses Network and Education at Sea have held a Public Health conference there is 2020 and will be returning in 2021. The lessons that we learnt during our time in this fabulous country will stay with us forever. There are many ways you can meet your annual Nursing CPD Requirements but none as fabulous as partaking in a CPD Travel event.

Travel Tips for Cambodia

Travel Tips for Cambodia


You will need US Dollars. Anything under a dollar you can pay in Cambodian Riel and if you buy something in US dollars and the change is under a dollar it will be paid to you in riel. Make sure that your us dollars are in pristine condition. Nots that are ripped, dirty, or crushed are usually not accepted.


Transport is usually by Tuk Tuk. There are two sorts a smaller zippy motorbike contraption that fits two (or three skinny people). Or the original four-seater that you climb up into. Bigger hotels may have cars available and tour companies use minibuses or large buses if it is a big tour.

Tuk Tuks are fun and you will need to haggle for the price. Do so before you start the journey – you are stuck if they have already taken you there. Theft is an issue throughout the world and Cambodia is not immune. Keep your bag over your shoulder and in front of you. Do not wave your mobile phone around either as it is easily taken from your hands.


There are modesty laws in Cambodia, especially at temples. You are required to cover your knees and shoulders when attending any temple and palace. Depending on the location women wearing long pants may also be asked to wear a sarong over them.

Cultural Etiquette

  • Don’t take photos of people without their permission, especially monks and other religious figures.
  • Don’t show affection in public
  • Don’t talk politics
  • Don’t point at people
  • Don’t touch someone’s head – especially children
  • Don’t use your left hand for anything. Eat with your right hand. Give someone something with you right hand. The left hand is considered dirty and used in toileting.
Nursing CPD Conference Cambodia

One fabulous destination to hold a Nursing Conference is Cambodia.

Simply amazing


Tipping is not expected but in a poor country appreciated. A 10% tip at a restaurant is seen as generous. If you are in a hotel leave $1 a day out for the housekeeping staff and tip the person the same amount if they carry your bags to your room.

Buying from Children

Please don’t buy from children. Cambodia is a poor country, and for those people who need to sell to tourists to get by realise that most people have a soft spot for kids. By using children in the business they don’t get the chance to go to school. Click here to find out more about the Think Twice program.


A little local language is great. People really appreciate if you try to converse with them.  Most people in the larger centres speak fabulous english. If you travel out to the countryside that may not be the case and that is where a translator on your mobile phone comes in very handy. Check out one of the many YouTube videos on learning some Khmer phrases .

Take an umbrella

A small umbrella tucked in your bag will protect you from the searing sun or the rain shower – a very handy item.

Tissues, Bottle of Water, and Hand Sanitiser

The must have three items in your bag. Public toilets are not great and rarely have toilet paper so always carry tissues. You cannot drink the tap water in Cambodia, and it is hot – so always have your own supply with you especially if you are on a tour. Hand sanitizer is a must as hand washing facilities are not always available in toilets and restaurants.

Sim Card

Sim Cards are cheap and easy found at the airport or any of the huge number of phone centres in the major tourist areas. By using a local sim you can find your way around and stay in touch with each other.


Mosquito born disease is a problem in Cambodia at certain times of the year – always have repellent with you and check with your travel doctor regarding any travel vaccinations or prophylactic medication you may need before you begin your journey.

Smile and stay calm

Cambodia is a wonderful country to experience and the people friendly and helpful. The important thing to remember is that you are a visitor and the environment and customs are very different from what you may be used to. By smiling and remaining calm people will try to do their best to meet your needs – if you become angry and start raising your voice, they will become alarmed and very unhelpful.

Cambodia is a fabulous destination – join The Nurses for Nurses Network and Education at Sea on our next Nursing CPD travel experience.

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