After a hard day in the conference room, it’s lovely to be able to debrief with friends.

I love to enjoy a cocktail or two and cruise ships have great cocktail bars and talented bar staff.

A great cocktail is a Cosmopolitan – made popular by the program Sex in the City. You can also make it in a large glass with heaps of ice and a bit of soda water if you’re looking for a thirst quencher.

How to:

  • 45mL Vodka

  • 15mL Cointreau

  • 30mL Cranberry Juice

  • Squeeze of Fresh Lime

    Fill a Boston glass with ice
    Add all the ingredients
    Shake & strain into a chilled cocktail glass
    Garnish with a slice of citrus or flame an orange zest


There are heaps of things to do on a cruise ship once the Conference sessions for the day have ended. You can go for a lovely walk, indulge in a relaxing spa experience, plan your entertainment activities for the evening, or indulge yourself by laying on a deck chair and reading a good book.

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