Getting ready to go on an exciting adventure can make you feel great and anxious at the same time.

Have I packed enough first aid supplies? Is my day pack big enough for everything that I need to carry? Should I take an extra pair of walking shoes? What pocket did I put my passport in?……

The excitement of organising your trip and finally getting there is a wonderful feeling. Here are my 5 top CPD travel tips to make your journey plain sailing.

Number 1

Travel Insurance is Very Important

As soon as you book your travel book your insurance. Not all insurance is the same and I strongly recommend that you have a look at the CHOICE article on it – you will be surprised.

Number 2

Carry extra passport photos with you.

They can come in very handy – you might need to apply for a visa you never new about or your visa for that country may have expired. 

It can also be used by a number of government departments for various forms – better to be prepared then spending your time trying to find someone who can take a passport size photo of you.

Number 3

Keep everything important in your day pack

Store all the items that you would be upset to lose in your daypack and never let it leave your side. Wear it strapped across your body with the bag to the front of you – that way you can also hold onto it.

Never let it be placed with the other luggage in the back of a taxi or the hold of a bus. Never let it be transported by Hotel staff – it is your lifeline hold on to it! Irrespective of how nice the people seem to be!

Number 4

Learn a few words of the language

Not many – just hello, thank you, please, and excuse me will set you in good stead with the locals.

People love it when you try to speak their language. They will take the time to work out your mime of what you are trying to find out.

P.S. Speaking louder doesn’t make people understand you better!

Number 5

Have a stash of Emergency Cash

While it’s a great idea to carry a number of different debit and credit cards with you it is also a clever idea to carry an emergency stash of cash.

Then split it between a hiding place in your day pack and your travel bag. This way if the worst happens you have enough money to feed yourself and call for backup.

A CPD Travel adventure is a great way to travel. Combining a high standard of Nursing education with an exceptional travel destination.

The Nurses for Nurses Network in conjunction with our conference partners Education at Sea create a fabulous education and travel conference program for you. By following these tips you can keep yourself safe as you enjoy the experience.

Enjoy cool