This is great advice – I have been known not to follow it at times to my detriment!

You’ve booked the conference and you’re excited about combining great education with a fantastic travel experience. As the leave date gets closer you start to think about packing…..

So you might start to make a list of necessary items or you might start to put items on the spare bed ready to be packed.

The list gets longer, and the pile gets bigger as you try and pack for every possible scenario. You think to yourself I’ve got 23kg for the bag and then another 7-odd kg as carry-on, I can also take a bigger handbag so I can put a few things in there, I’ll wear my heaviest shoes and the warmest coat onto the plane, and before you know it you’ve got a lot of stuff to organise.

If you have people to carry stuff for you – read no further.

If you don’t have people to do stuff for you then remember: there will be a time when the escalator is not working and you need to take the stairs, or the taxi driver has a bad back and can’t assist with your luggage, or the train you are catching doesn’t have a baggage carriage and you have to get it on and off the train. That’s why you never pack a bag that is heavier than you can carry yourself.

  • You don’t need 20 pairs of undies – there is usually a laundry service or you can wash them in the hand basin
  • You don’t need 10 pairs of shoes – one for night, comfortable all occasions pair, and walking shoes that you wear on the plan
  • Black pants are your best friend – a couple of pairs that you can rinse out and a few tops
  • Scarves give the same black outfit a different look each time
  • You only need one coat, and you only need it if you are going somewhere in winter
  • A light travel pashmina works both day and night for warmth
  • Pack only travel size toiletries
  • Don’t take your entire lipstick range – only take essential make up

Finally – no matter where your travel CPD takes you there will always be a fabulous shop or market where you can buy whatever that essential item was that you realise you now need.