Exploring Workplace Bullying and the Development of Personal Resilience:

Recognising Bullying Patterns in Difficult People and How to Manage it
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26-28 May 2025 | Queenstown, NZ | 15 CPD Hrs

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Phone: 07 4151 3884

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07 4151 3884
Email: [email protected]


In this retreat, we will explore the impact on a Nurse facing workplace bullying. We will examine how resilience links to healthy boundaries and mental well-being.

Our presenters will examine the issue of burnout. The content is vital knowledge for all of us as we face the distinctive challenges currently around us, not only for our self-development but also to have the knowledge and skills to provide support to our families, friends, and colleagues.

This unique retreat offers not just education but also a supportive environment with caring and experienced facilitators to assist you in exploring these difficult topics. Participants will learn practical strategies for working with very difficult people in their personal and professional lives.

In addition to the conference program, attendees will have the opportunity to explore a number of activities to assist them in managing stress and preventing burnout. We will explore different forms of meditation and explore topics that can be unpacked only in a supported learning environment.

This one-of-a-kind retreat was developed by two experienced facilitators who look forward to working with you and taking in the breathtaking scenery that Queenstown has to offer.

This retreat has changed the lives of many previous attendees, here are what a few had to say:

One of the best learning activities I have experienced. You delivered a perfect combination of expertise, wisdom, humour, kindness and warmth in a naturally beautiful setting. The resources are excellent and will continue to support my professional and personal development. Three cheers!!!!” – Marise Nursing Retreat 2021


 “Absolutely fantastic! I got so much out of this retreat, with so many tools to use in my professional and personal life. I feel so rejuvenated! I learnt a lot about myself , what and how I can improve in my communication. The strategies practiced in the workshop were most beneficial. I will be at the next one. Best thing I have ever attended!!!!” – Rachel Nursing Retreat 2022


“I cannot truly express what this retreat has meant to me and the dedication that Anne and Sue show to the improvement of positive psychological outcomes for nurses. Thank you to both of you.” – Asa Nursing Retreat 2023

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Who is this conference for?

This conference retreat is for all Nurses (and all those who work in healthcare), irrespective of clinical specialty.

The skills you will learn at the conference will be invaluable. This retreat offers not just education but includes a supportive environment with caring and experienced facilitators to assist you to explore these difficult topics.

Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel

You will learn:

At this retreat you will:

  • The impact of hidden workplace or relationship bullying on your physical health
  • The hidden tactics of bullies that rob you of your emotional peace and cause you great pain
  • The psychological impact of bullying: from causing embarrassment through to loss of professional credibility
  • The spectrum of narcissism (from selfishness traits to a personality disorder) which may be in your family as well as at work
  • To recognise the primary techniques of those on the narcissistic spectrum including gas-lighting and the use of silent treatment
  • How to manage your stress and restore your peace of mind
  • To enhance your understanding of resilience and burnout
  • How to regain your reputation and self-esteem after a difficult experience or assist others to do so
  • Practical skills on how to be assertive and powerful
  • Tips on how to avoid legal problems as a target of bullying or as a nurse leader
  • Assertiveness to manage criticism
  • The skills to apply both in the workplace environment and your personal life
    • Watch fun interactive role play between the two experienced facilitators – please note you are not expected to take part in role play – just sit back and enjoy and learn from the process
Nurses for Nurses

Learning Outcomes

At this retreat you will:

    • Explore bullying and the effects on a person exposed to people with narcissistic traits or narcissistic personality disorder
    • Undertake assertiveness training and learn practical hints on how to develop assertive body language and vocabulary
    • Examine the manifestation of burnout and strategies to assist with healing
    • Investigate the term ‘resilience’ and how we can put strategies in place to increase or develop resilience
Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel

Is this part of my Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?

Yes, it is!

Under the code of conduct in Domain 7: Promote Health and Wellbeing,  the value statement that we, as Nurses and Midwives are required to abide by is:

“Nurses and Midwives promote health and wellbeing for people and their families, colleagues, the broader community and themselves in a way that addresses health inequality.”

This means that the information and education provided at this retreat is perfect to meet your obligations under this domain and thus claimable as a CPD activity.


A conference retreat is designed to facilitate the ability of a group to step back from their day-to-day demands and activities for a period of concentrated discussion and exploration of specific issues.

In the past, Nurses have not been offered retreats or provided with the support that other professions have received. Although nurses make up the largest health care professional group, their needs have been overlooked.

The need for this nursing conference retreat is based on the counselling work of Anne Evans-Murray, as she works with many nursing clients who have experienced bullying or who wish to develop their own personal assertiveness skills.

It is also based on feedback from Nursing CPD subscribers in evaluating the sessions provided on resilience, bullying and assertiveness training and with requests for more practical assistance to deal with multiple issues.

So, join us at this conference retreat experience as we step back from our day-to-day demands and stressors and take advantage of the supportive environment that it offers.

Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel

Our Presenters:

Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel

Anne Evans-Murray

R.N., BHlthSc, MACCCN, Grad.Dip Ed, MEd, Dip Counselling, GradCertCritCare, CertIV Training and Assessment, CertIV in Mediation

Anne has a passion for teaching which she does in an unpretentious way that ensures you will not only understand and retain what she presents but will enjoy this learning experience. She has extensive experience of over 26 years of lecturing for Gold Coast Health District and Griffith University.

Anne is a frequent presenter at workshops, conferences and seminars throughout Australia and New Zealand on subjects such as high dependency nursing, cardiac arrhythmias & ECG interpretation, chest x-ray interpretation, clinical assessment of the deteriorating patient, assertiveness training and leadership. She conducts accredited advanced life support training for nurses, doctors and paramedics.

Anne has a passionate commitment to empower all clinical staff through increased awareness and knowledge of the critically ill patient’s condition so that timely intervention is implemented, which will benefit patient outcomes.

She is the author of three books; “ECGs Simply”, “Interpretation of Chest X-rays Simply” and ‘Uncomplicating Life, Simply’. Her ECG book is a textbook sold in many universities in Australia.

Nursing CPD Institute

Sue Walker

RN, BN, BN (ADMIN), MPHC, MACN, Specialist Nurse Educator

Sue is the director and co-founder of the Nurses for Nurses Network. Sue is a key contributor to the online education platform Nursing CPD – a Continuing Professional Development platform to assist Nurses in meeting their annual CPD requirements.

As a Registered Nurse, Sue holds Degrees in both Nursing and Health Administration, a Master’s Degree in Public Health, as well as a number of certificate courses in Psychiatry of Ageing, Gerontology, Chemotherapy Administration, and Training and Assessment. She is also an Accredited Mental Health First Aid Trainer, Mindfulness Practitioner, and Clinical Supervisor.

Sue has extensive experience as a clinician, educator, and senior manager. She has presented at local and international conferences on many topics including, key issues in healthcare, such as the psychological impact of the work that Nurses do and how the work requirements to deliver healthcare impact the health of the clinician. Other topics presented comprise of Nursing Leadership, Emergency Management, Mental health, Aged Care, Advanced Life Support, Assertiveness, Grief and Loss, and Workplace Bullying.

Sue is passionate about making a difference in how the community and Nurses experience the healthcare system.

“Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system and work in difficult environments that can take advantage of their commitment to ensuring the best possible care is delivered. To continue to meet professional and community expectations Nurses and Midwives need to acknowledge their unique contribution to health care delivery and assert their collective strength to safeguard the community and ensure their ongoing professional needs are recognised and met.

Healthcare should be delivered by competent, knowledgeable individuals to ensure the best possible experience for the recipient of that care. Nursing is a fabulous profession.  The knowledge and skill of the individual Nurse will have the greatest influence on the happiness and health outcomes of each and every client”.

Conference Program:

Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel

Day one:

Topics covered today will include: 

  • Self-esteem – Developing Confidence and Improving Physical and Mental Health
  • Personality Profile – Increasing Emotional Intelligence

Evening: Drinks and Canapes (Attendees Only)
Take a moment to relax, enjoy refreshments and network with other retreat attendees.


Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel

Day Two: 

Topics covered today will include:

  • Meditation Practice
  • Workplace Bullying
  • Narcissism in Families
  • Communication and Assertion
  • Strategy Workshop


Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel


Topics covered today will include:

  • Meditation Practice Burnout, Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Resilience
  • Emotional Freedom Technique, Meditation, and Relaxation Therapy



The Governance oversight for the content of this Conference program and the issuing of the associated CPD Certificate is provided by the Nursing CPD. Nursing CPD is committed to providing high quality, clinically relevant education for Nurses.

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Hotel St Moritz

Hotel St Moritz | 10/18 Brunswick Street, Queenstown, NZ | +64 3 442 4990

NB: It is up to the individual attendee to organise their own accommodation and travel arrangements. These costs are not included in the registration fee.

Things to do During your Queenstown Visit

Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel

Visit a local winery

Queenstown has a vast array of wineries within driving distance of the city centre and is the gateway to the Central Otago wine region.

Click here for more information about the wineries in the area >>

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Smashit Room

Stressed at work? The Smashit Room is the most fun you will have while destressing.

SMASHIT gives you the chance to let out some anger or just have a lot of fun smashing things left, right and centre.

You get a bat and let lose on all things breakable.

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For the more adventurous, why not go and jump off a bridge.

This is where it all started - the World Home of Bungy. Try this famous Jump for yourself – you can even touch the water if that’s your thing.

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Experience jet Boating

Did you know that the jet boat was a New Zealand invention? So why wouldn't you want to experience this exhilarating activity where it was born.

Many jet boat operators in the Queenstown area explore the region's stunning landscapes and waterways.

Our affiliation with ACN provides you with the opportunity to grow your career and tap into your individual potential.
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Happy attendees

I would say how experienced the presenters were with their presentations and the great examples they used from their experience. I would also say that every single nurse should attend this retreat within their nursing career for their resilience and wellbeing.


Nursing Retreat, May 2023

Go you wont regret it ! I learnt a lot about people’s behaviours and how to deal with them . I’ve been shown how to manage stressful situations and calming myself.


Nursing Retreat, April 2024

Well worth attending [the] content was very interesting & well presented. So much to take away & put into practice & relevant. [I] felt so good after this Retreat. Just what I needed. Thank you so very much Sue & Anne


Nursing Retreat, May 2022


  • An extensive Conference program based on current best practice
  • Conference Presenters who are recognised experts in their field and are excited to be able to share their skill, knowledge, and passion with Conference Attendees
  • Attendees’ get together function including drinks and canapes
  • A Conference pack that includes a notepad, pen, and additional information to support a fantastic Conference experience
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea as outlined in the program
  • A Conference Transcript that identifies each session held at the Conference including the session synopsis and session presenters
  • A Certificate of Completion identifying the CPD hours attached to the Conference Program for you to include in your CPD Evidence Portfolio
Disclaimer: The opinions and statements of facts expressed in the Papers in these proceedings are those of the Authors and do not necessarily represent those of the Nurses for Nurses Network (NfNN), the editors, the organising committee or the supporters of this conference. No responsibility can be accepted by the organisers for errors or omissions in the individual papers. Sessions are correct at time of publication. Sessions are subject to change without notice due to circumstances beyond the control of the organisers. NfNN reserves the right to alter charges, cancel, postpone, change or withdraw the product or service at any time.

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