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21 Nov - 01 Dec 2022 | NZ departs Sydney | 24 CPD hrs
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Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel


Perioperative nursing is a wonderful dynamic and challenging nursing speciality. It is a team sport where medical, nursing and ancillary staff are thrust together in a team environment. When this works well it is a masterpiece to behold, however when personalities and unforeseen circumstances arise, it can be fraught with difficulties.

This seminar is designed to look at evidence-based literature and a deeper understanding of the perioperative environment; explore some of the possible emergency situations perioperative nurses may face, and, provide knowledge to perform during these emergencies with confidence skill and know-how to deliver safer patient care.

Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel

Who is this conference for:

Perioperative nursing is not always taught in the undergraduate curricula thus the importance of post registration education in this specialty area cannot be overestimated.

This seminar will suit both novice and experienced nurses from all specialties, not just those from perioperative nursing. Surgery is a three-part process, preoperative, operative and postoperative.

Having a deep understanding of all areas parts of the surgical journey has been shown to provide better knowledge for nurses both within and outside of the operating suite environment.

Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel

Learning Outcomes:

  • To explore and more deeply understand the perioperative environment and how this may impact on adverse events both during and after surgery,
  • To provide evidence-based information about perioperative incidents from a case history perspective, and explore how we can prepare and prevent these occurrences,
  • To discuss and understand the physiology and treatment of some emergency situations seen in surgical patients both during and after surgery,
  • To come away feeling educated, empowered and realising that perioperative nurses are brilliant!
Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel

You Will Also Learn:

  • About teamwork
  • The impact of teamwork on patient safety
  • Professionalism
  • The concept of white-anting
  • What Effective leadership in nursing looks like
  • What Situational Awareness is
  • (70%) of adverse events can be attributed to human factors
  • How perioperative fatigue impacts health and patient outcomes
  • About the Australian College of Perioperative Nurses guideline on fatigue
  • YOUR OWN hospital policies on ‘the surgical count’ and the screening tool used in your hospital for ‘Venous thromboembolism’
  • The prevention strategies for prevenance of retained items
  • The prevention and management of venous thromboembolism
  • How many perioperative nurses feel overwhelmed in PACU where patients are at their most vulnerable
  • When an airway emergency occurs, all members of the team must be able to assist
  • YOUR OWN hospital policy on ‘Management of Anaphylaxis’ and ‘Massive Blood Transfusion’
  • Why rapid recognition and management of malignant hypothermia is required
  • The effective anticipation, prevention, and treatment of perioperative anaphylaxis
  • How cardiopulmonary arrest may occur at any stage of the perioperative journey
  • Why the potential for blood loss requiring massive blood transfusion is ever-present in the operating suite
  • Why perioperative inadvertent hypothermia has very serious consequences
  • If Australian standards improve our patient care and our working conditions
  • And so much more

Not your typical Nursing CPD Conference

Our Presenter:



Dr Paula Foran began her perioperative career as a perianaesthesia nurse. She has been a past board member and Chief Examiner with the Australian College of Perianaesthesia Nurses (ACPAN) and an immediate past board member and Education Officer for the Australian College of Perioperative Nurses.     

Paula has a number of publications to her credit including published articles and book chapters, & has been a guest speaker, and presented keynote presentations at national & international conferences. Paula was awarded the ‘Most Popular Presenter’ for her keynote address at the International Collaboration of Perianaesthesia Nurses in 2017, and more recently in 2019 the ‘Best Oral Paper’ award at the European Operating Room Nurses conference in The Hauge. 

Conference Program:

The education content provided in this program meets the same exacting standards as anything offered in an Australian land-based program.

No matter what conference you attend you always need accommodation a cruise ship provides a great all-inclusive accommodation option to enhance your Conference experience.

The Nurses for Nurses Network combines great education with fabulous travel adventures. We have taken a holistic approach to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to ensure you get the most out of your education-travel experience.

In the spirit of adult learning, the Conference is delivered in two formats. The live presentations delivered in the Conference Room and there is the online library which is open one month prior to the actual Conference dates. The library is an essential component of the entire Conference program.

The library consists of Conference material supplied by the Presenter/s which can include any of the following:

  • Research documents
  • Links to external information
  • Recorded Conference presentations
  • Electronic Notepads

The research documents and recorded Conference presentation form part of the Continuing Professional Development activities but are delivered to you prior to the commencement date so that you can start your Conference Program early. If you choose not to undertake these activities prior, there is a two-week window post the Conference where the library remains open to you. You can also undertake the library activities during the actual Conference.

Below is a snapshot of the Conference Program.

Day one:
21 Nov 2022 | Sydney

Make sure you are up on deck to be a part of the “setting sail” festivities as we say farewell to destination.

Evening: Enjoy this opportunity to mingle with the other attendees at the complimentary drinks and Conference Registration function.

Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel

Day two:
22 Nov 2022 | at sea | conference day

Conference Day – Topics covered:

  • Where are we now as a perioperative profession

  • Professionalism in the perioperative environment
  • Leadership in the operating suite
  • Human Factors and situational awareness
  • Perioperative Fatigue
Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel

Day three:
23 Nov 2022 | At Sea | conference day

Conference Day – Topics covered:

  • Forgotten something? – Retained items
  • Perioperative prevention & management of Venous thromboembolism
  • Who feels overwhelmed in PACU? – Patient assessment in the PACU
  • Difficult airway management
Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel

Day Four:
24 Nov 2022 | FREE Day

Take this day to explore what the Carnival Splendor has to offer.

Carnival Splendor has it all! Being the length of 3 football fields it holds a huge amount of fun-filled activities onboard for you to enjoy.

Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel

Day Five:
25 Nov 2022 | Wellington

Optional Tour Available

Nestled at the bottom of the North Island, windy Wellington is not just the capital of NZ it is known as the culinary capital of NZ.

So skip breakfast and get your taste buds ready to explore the many award-winning restaurants, cafes, bars and eatery that help to make up the culture of this fantastic city.


Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel

Day six:
26 Nov 2022  | Christchurch

Christchurch is one of the world’s most unique destinations, with its urban regeneration and culture and exhilarating activity. 

The city is forever changing, with something new for locals and visitors alike to explore. It has a vibrant street art scene and showcases innovative projects, Take time to wander the streets and discover its beauty.

Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel

Day Seven:
27 Nov 2022 | Dunedin

Optional Tour Available

Make the most of your day in Dunedin, the oldest city in New Zealand.

You will be amazed by the city’s gorgeous heritage buildings and architecture. Being enveloped by dramatic hills and a picturesque harbour, you will have a great view in every direction.

A must-see is Larnach Castle which is perched high on the hills of the Otago Peninsula.

Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel

Day Eight:
28 Nov 2022 | Fiordland Park

Find yourself a fabulous vantage point as we take in the gorgeous scenery of Fiordland National Park.

The park is 1.2 million hectares and brings into view four different environments –  Mountain, Rainforest, Lake and Fiord.

    Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel

    Day Nine:
    29 Nov 2022 | AT Sea | Conference Day

    Conference Day – Topics covered:

    • Malignant Hyperthermia
    • Perioperative Anaphylaxis
    • CPR in the OR, a case history approach
    • Massive Blood loss and transfusion
    Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel

    Day Ten AM:
    30 Nov 2022 | At Sea | Conference Day

    Conference Day – Topics covered:

    • Perioperative Inadvertent Hypothermia
    • Can Australian standards improve our patient care and our working conditions?
    • Perioperative trivia
    Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel

    Day TEn PM:

    Take this opportunity to enjoy a complimentary Drinks and Canapes function as the conference draws to a close and we say farewell to new friends and colleagues.

    Nursing CPD Conference Wellness Cardiac Patient Good Bye

    Day Eleven:
    01 Dec 2022 | Sydney

    Disembark in Sydney – Safe travels!


    The Governance oversight for the content of this Conference program and the issuing of the associated CPD Certificate is provided by the Nursing CPD Institute (NCI). NCI is committed to providing high quality, clinically relevant education for Nurses.

    Click here to find out more about NCI>>

    The Venue:

    Carnival Splendor

    Carnival Splendor has it all! Being the length of 3 football fields it holds a huge amount of fun-filled activities onboard for you to enjoy.

    Refurbished in 2019, including Fun-Ship 2.0 upgrades including the Green Thunder Waterslide & Waterpark, Guy’s Burger Joint, Blue Iguana Cantina and the Blue Iguana Tequila Bar.

    Take time to relax, explore and have fun. 

    Let's talk about your accommodation

    Relax in a style & smart sophistication. Our modern inside staterooms are highlighted with appointments like a TV, sitting area and more.

    All you have to do is unpack and relax. Your room steward will clean and tidy your room every day all you need to do is get dressed, grab your bag and start your adventure.

    Dining Options

    You've got a foodie in you — everyone does! Awaken and delight yours on this cruise with delicious main dishes, tempting desserts and general yumminess everywhere you look.

    There is plenty of choice but where to start? Including four new dining options - Masala Tiger, Fahrenheit 555, Pizzeria del Capitano and Seafood Shack.

    Relax and unwind

    Sometimes you just need to get away… from all that vacation. We know — sitting at home, it’s hard to imagine that, but trust us — it’s really, really nice to have a place to unwind from the day’s excitement.

    Escape to a world designed, from the ground up, for relaxation. Cloud 9 Spa staff are masters (or, maybe more like artists) trained in the craft of simply helping you chill.

    take in a stage show

    Here's your chance to dip a toe into onboard entertainment, activities, bars and more… so that when you cruise, you're ready to dive headfirst into the fun.

    There's stage shows, comedy bars, live music, and karaoke just to name a few of the entertainment choices you have to enjoy onboard.

    Our affiliation with ACN provides you with the opportunity to grow your career and tap into your individual potential.

    Nurses for Nurses
    Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel

    Can I Bring the Family?

    Because a cruise is such a fabulous holiday experience, your family and friends can join you on your CPD Travel adventure.

    Whilst you are attending lectures there are heaps of activities to keep them busy including an exceptional kid’s club program.

    Simply talk to the Team at Education at Sea, they can organise all your and your travelling companion’s travel arrangements.

    Contact the Team at Education at Sea.

    Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel

    What if I need kid-free time?

    If you only want to mix with adults most ships have an adults only area with entry only available to people over the age of 18. 

    Guests will jump for joy upon discovering this private retreat where they can connect with the ocean – and disconnect from everything else.

    Nurses for Nurses Network

    Can you give me some tips on Cruising?

    We sure can……whether you are a seasoned cruiser or this is your first time onboard a cruise ship out Ultimate Guide to Cruising is sure to have some useful tips and advice to ensure you have a fantastic time on this Travel CPD adventure.

    Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel

    Can you organise for me to share a room with someone?

    We can’t promise – but we can pop your name on a waiting list and if another person asks the same question we can put you in contact with each other and you can decide if you are both compatible to share a cabin.

    Contact the fabulous people at Education at Sea on 02 7908 7774 for more information.

    Happy attendees

    The talks were great. Just love Paula as a speaker and as a person…she entertaining but also professional.


    Perioperative Conference | Mexican Riviera 2019

    [The] Presenters were excellent making the whole conference so worthwhile. Cruising with conference was great because conference [the] presenters and content was so engaging.


    Optimising Wellness in Healthcare Workers | South Pacific 2019

    I loved many things about the trip. But one thing i did enjoy was the relaxed atmosphere and the way the presenter interacted with everybody and made the program interesting by her many stories and experiences.


    Perioperative Conference | Mexican Riviera 2019

    Costs & Inclusions

    • An extensive Conference program based on current best practice
    • Education content that meets the same exacting standards as anything offered in an Australian land-based program
    • Conference Presenter/s that is a recognised expert in their field and are excited to be able to share their skill, knowledge, and passion with Conference Attendees
    • An online Conference library filled to the brim with educational content that allows you to create your own learning experience by completing pre-conference education activities
    • A Registration Reception including complimentary drinks where you can meet other Conference Attendees and network with Conference Convenors and Conference Presenter/s
    • Editable electronic note pages that can be downloaded to your device of choice (device not included)
    • A Conference pack that includes a notepad, pen, lanyard (this is important on a cruise ship to attach your room key which becomes your lifeline on a ship) and additional information to support a fantastic Conference experience
    • The opportunity to meet as a group in various Conference open forums, in one of the many fabulous locations on the ship
    • A complimentary Farewell Drinks and Canapes Function held on the last night of the Conference to celebrate new friendships and information gained
    • A Conference Transcript that identifies each session held at the Conference including the session synopsis and session presenter/s
    • A Certificate of Completion identifying the CPD hours attached to the Conference Program for you to include in your CPD Evidence Portfolio

    Disclaimer: The opinions and statements of facts expressed in the Papers in these proceedings are those of the Authors and do not necessarily represent those of the Nurses for Nurses Network (NfNN), the editors, the organising committee or the supporters of this conference. No responsibility can be accepted by the organisers for errors or omissions in the individual papers. Sessions are correct at time of publication. Sessions are subject to change without notice due to circumstances beyond the control of the organisers. NfNN reserves the right to alter charges, cancel, postpone, change or withdraw the product or service at any time.

    The Nurses for Nurses Network strongly recommends customers take out travel insurance at the time of registration for an event, to cover any unforeseen circumstances that may prevent them attending and thus incur any financial loss.

    Registration Cost


    Conference registration and deposits are being handled by our Conference Partner – Education at Sea.

    This is a fabulous program – to secure your place at this Conference you need to contact Education at Sea to find out about all the cabin options available.

    Once you have paid your deposit, your registration is confirmed and you can start planning your Conference getaway.

    Please note: Conference registration does not include accommodation or travel costs.

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