Travel can be exciting, awe-inspiring, exhausting, fun and sometimes hilarious. I’m sure we’ve all been in situations when we’re out exploring the world where things have turned humourous.

I love a funny travel story for the amusement factor and because it shines a light on the reality of travel and the situations we’ve got to deal with….unlike the trouble-free, perfect, in-focus travel shots seen on social media.

We all love a good laugh and know that for the most part, a “good” (aka funny) travel story comes from mishaps and misadventures, so I have compiled a few stories from around the computer-sphere for you to enjoy. I hope they give you a bit of a giggle.

Car Trouble in Greece

What could be more idyllic than hiring a car on a Greek island and driving around stopping at little beaches and view points?! This is what we thought when my friend and I set off on a  trip to see Shipwreck beach on Zante island in our little Daeo Matisse hire car.

We were using google maps to orientate ourselves and it seemed to be working well until we came across some road works. We followed an alternate route instead where we found the road gradually disappearing – suddenly we realised we were unintentionally off-roading.

I’m pretty sure that’s not allowed in the hire car contract..! So after a bit more google maps consulting, we decided it was a similar distance to turn around as to keep going so we figured we might as well keep going forward. Big mistake.

Where did the road go?

We went around a steep bend and as we did the road gave way. I tried reversing, no luck, our only option was to go down. We had to balance the car by sitting on the same side and the clutch was burning but somehow I managed to get us down without rolling the car much to our relief as we were now in the middle of nowhere with no one likely to come past and stop and help! (Surely no one else would be stupid enough to drive that road without a 4WD?!)

We managed to make it to our destination and watched the sun go down over the beautiful cove from a prime position on a cliff opposite – it really was stunning. Eventually, we headed back to the car when it was almost dark. Only it wouldn’t start!

Seriously could we have any more bad luck?! I went in search of help and found only 1 group of people left – all of whom were Russian and spoke no English!

A lot of miming about off-roading later and one of them had fortunately managed to solve the problem (a misplaced fuse) and we were back on the road. This time we followed the Russians back and got there with no further disasters feeling extremely grateful to our new Russian friends for saving our bacon!


Boy, You’re in Trouble!

Back in January 2019, a 23-year-old French student was arrested for allegedly making a bogus bomb threat to an EasyJet flight travelling from Lyon to Rennes. When apprehended, the suspect admitted his guilt, confessing he didn’t want to hurt anyone, he only wanted to stop his parents, who were aboard the plane, from visiting.

Shortly after takeoff from Lyon, the flight was forced to turn around after the captain learned of the anonymous threat. Upon landing, the passengers disembarked, the plane was searched for explosives, and everyone was relieved when they realized there were no bombs aboard. 

If found guilty, the student could face up to five years in prison and have to pay $85,000 in fines. Wonder if mom and dad will help foot the bill?


Medical Assistance in Morroco

I woke up my room at the riad I was staying at in Fez, Morocco and groggily found my way to the bathroom. When I looked in the mirror to wash my hands, pictured below is what was staring back at me.

The night before, as I had been hanging out on the roof of a building drinking mint teas with some new friends. I have been vaguely aware that there were some bugs around.

It was dark, I swatted them away and didn’t think much about it. When I showed the bites to the riad owner and asked for a pharmacy she insisted I see a doctor instead.

I paid a group of local kids to guide me through the winding medina to the nearest doctor. “What is it?”, I asked the doctor. “Bug bites”, he replied. “What kind?”, I queried. “Big ones”, he replied.

He put me into what must have been the worlds oldest x-ray machine, wrote several prescriptions in French, and sent me on my way. 

Seeing as how I don’t read French I sent pics to a friend to make sure I understood the directions for the medication. He immediately called me laughing asking why I had been to a vagina doctor for bug bites.

Apparently, the kids had led me to an OBGYN.



I was on a two-month backpacking trip around Nepal, India and Sri Lanka with girlfriends. I was meant to be taking anti-malarial medication (Doxycycline) throughout my stay in India.

However, when I went to start the medication I mistakenly took Restavit (Doxylamine) every morning for seven days instead. Not realising I was taking sleeping tablets every morning instead of my anti malarial, I fumbled my way through my first seven days on India, hallucinating on train trips, falling asleep in tuk tuks, heart palpitations and more.

I can barely remember the Taj Mahal. When I finally realised my medication error, I felt very very stupid (being a nurse myself!!) for confusing the two very similar drug names and for being asleep and drugged on sleeping tablets for half of my India trip!

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