I came across Monastery stays after talking with a Nursing colleague about her Italian travel plans.

Monastery and convent accommodation is available for all to enjoy. Visiting a monastery may begin as a stopover, but one cannot ignore the presence of peace in these places and its associated ‘wellness’. It is a place for restoration of the body with a good nights sleep but also for the inner self, an experience that you will not find in Europe’s best Resort, Spa or Wellness Centre!

Why stay in a Monastery?

  • It provides a unique experience – some of the convents and monastery are centuries old.
  • Breakfast is usually included and are generous. You will dine on local produce cooked for you by people who are passionate about helping others.
  • It is exceptional value – you can choose a number of accommodation options from large rooms with ensuites to smaller rooms with shared bathroom amenities
  • It is authentic and run by the order who owns the building – you will gain an insight into the history of the building and the order that created it. The staff are more than happy to tell you their history and take you on a tour of the building and grounds.

There are hundreds of monastery and convent stays available all over Italy – from Assisi to Venice you will be spoilt for choice.

There are a number of organisations that you can access to research monastery accommodation. The website Monastery Stays looks very comprehensive and can be accessed here>>

If you do choose to travel using this type of accommodation I’d love to hear your story and share your insights with other travellers.

Stay in touch!