Nursing has taught me……

This statement was posed to our Facebook followers, asking them to fill in the blanks, the responses were vast and varied but there were a few messages that came through loud and clear. Don’t judge, be kind, laugh or you’ll cry, and that Nurses are proud to be Nurses. 

The response was overwhelming, so I whittled down the comments to 17 (in no particular order) that I am sure every Nurse will relate to.

To count to 10 before responding to some people, but also, that we see the very best and the very worst of people, during the very best and the very worst days of their lives. The human spirit is amazing. – Debra

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To never be judgemental in any which way shape or form and to know and understand how very fragile life and love truly can be.. Proud to be a Nurse 💜 – Fiona

That a disproportionate amount of patients/clients/residents have “no idea how it happened” 😁 – Julieanne


That in the midst of chaos, good things can happen and laughter is always wonderful medicine – Fiona

The amount a person says they know on a subject is in direct inverse proportion to the amount they actually do know. – Kim

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To go to the loo whenever the chance arises, no one knows when the next resus will drop by. – Tracey

It doesn’t take a long time to make a difference / share a moment with your patient.
– Kylie

You can never know everything and there is always something you can learn. – Bronwyn

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Coffee is amazing, poo is not funny
Neither is phlegm, snot, or bile that is runny
That night duty sucks, but shift work can be fun
I could go 12 hours though without seeing the sun
Babies grips are strong, like our stomach needs to be
To look inside the person, their story & not just what you see
That lunch breaks are short, & life is too
Treat people in a way, as if it were you
That no matter how hard at times life may seem
There are people who won’t reach our age & could only dream
That although I’ve worked on TV, modelling & glamourous jobs too
You don’t really choose nursing – It chooses you!!!
– Sherryn

Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel
Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel

Not everything is as it seems at first glance! – Aine

Life is a privilege. Enjoy every moment ❤️ – Tammy

Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel
Nurses for Nurses CPD Travel

….make sure the patient isn’t wearing a toupee!! – Lesley

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