So you’ve chosen the Conference you want to attend and you’ve booked your room on the ship.

You have:

Purchased travel insurance
Sorted your packing – if you need tips on packing click here to check out this post>>
Accessed the Conference Online Library, downloaded the supporting docs and watched the necessary webinars
Booked your shore tours and chosen any additional dining options that you might like to experience


The following are a few tips to make your Cruise Conference a great experience:

Make sure you arrive at the cruise terminal with plenty of time to spare – your cruise company will have told you what time you board the ship and what time it is leaving when you completed your online check-in.

You will need to print your baggage tags and it’s a great idea to have sticky-tape with you to attach them before you drop them off at the terminal.

To ensure boarding the ship runs smoothly, make sure you’ve printed off all the necessary documents and filled them in before you get to the ship.

You will need to fill in a travel declaration form and have that with you when you are processed, along with your passport and any other check-in documents.

Once you’ve boarded you may not see your luggage for a while so make sure you have any medication and other items you might need in your carry on bag.

When you check-in you will need to be patient as there are a lot of people to process (on some ships up to 5000 in 6 hours) – stay happy and follow the instructions of the cruise terminal staff to make this process run smoothly.


Every ship runs on different power outlets – be sure to check which your ship uses, and pack an adapter if necessary as these will be super expensive to buy on board.


You will be required to provide a credit or debit card as part of your check-in as no cash is used on the ship. All your on-board costs will be allocated to this card.

You can check your card at any time on the ship to see what you are spending.

If you find an anomaly, pop into guest services, the staff are fabulous and will help you out.


Once onboard start exploring the ship and even before you set sail there will be a dining room open for you to have something to eat and drink while you wait for your room to be ready.


There will be an announcement when your cabins are ready. If your luggage does not appear it may have been confiscated due to banned items, alcohol, power board, iron, kettle. You will need to ask your cabin steward where to collect it from.

Before the ship can leave the dock there will be a mandatory safety drill that you must attend – make sure you get your name ticked off as they will make you attend another if you don’t.

Introduce yourself to the cabin steward – they will be looking after you for all the days you are on board.

Keep your room tidy and your valuables locked in the safe provided (including your passport) The Stewards are happy to service your room but note – if you are a pig they will talk about you!!!

Introduce Yourself

If you haven’t already booked them make a decision if you want a drinks package or a water package – these are only available for the first day or so of the cruise

If there are specialty dining options and you have not booked them before departure (though it is better if you do) then you need to book quickly as they book out fast.

There are so many fabulous things to do on a Cruise ship, so to help you plan, each day a program will be left in your room. Make sure you read it as it is full of information including when the time zone changes, activities that are on, as well as useful information about the upcoming ports of call.