The excitement of getting ready to go on your CPD Conference is a fabulous feeling. Working out what to pack is a science – what I will tell you today is what not to pack – it will save you the embarrassment of having it taken from you at check in – or worse – having to find your bags as they have been confiscated.

Don’t bring a power board with you – it is seen as a fire hazard and it will be taken from you. Your bag will not be delivered to your room. You will have to find where it is located (with all the other naughty people’s bags) and open it in front of staff to retrieve the item. The item will be returned to you at the end of the cruise.

Don’t bring an iron – it is a fire hazard and will be taken from you. Some ships will provide you an iron on request. Other ships will have an iron in the laundry. Other ships will charge you to have items ironed by their staff. Pack clothes that don’t need an iron and hang those that do in the bathroom while you are having a shower and let the steam do its magic.

Don’t try and smuggle alcohol onto the ship – the crew will find it! Some cruise lines will allow you to bring a couple of bottles of wine that you can drink in your cabin but charges may apply.

Again your bag will not be delivered to your room and you will have to go and find it and remove the alcohol – which you may or may not get back. 

You can’t bring a jug to boil hot water for a cup of tea or coffee – though you would be surprised by the number of people you will see lining up to hand over their jugs that were found in their bags. There is usually a 24-hour food venue where you can get a cuppa any time you choose.

I feel that I shouldn’t have to tell you this last bit – but I will to complete the list.

You cannot bring weapons on board – this includes knives of any sort. You also cannot bring canoes or pool toys and drones are also not allowed. 

Cruising is a fabulous holiday choice and an exceptional conference venue. Before you start to pack check the cruise line website as to what you can bring – that way you will not have to be embarrassed when your luggage does not arrive at your room and you have to make the walk of shame to find your bag and retrieve the contraband to handover to the crew.  

Happy Cruising