Your passport is your means of identification when you travel overseas – lose it and you have a big problem on your hands – you will need to get a new passport from the nearest Australian Embassy or Consulate before you can continue on your journey.

Before you leave on your trip make sure you take 4 or 5 copies of it as well as having a digital copy as well. If you are travelling on a cruise ship for most ports a copy will be fine and you can leave your passport locked in your room safe on the ship.

Don’t be Concerned

Some Cruise Ship lines will ask you to hand over your passport when you Board and they give it back to you on the day before you disembark.

This can be concerning to new cruisers but is usual practice – that is why you need to keep a couple of copies of your documents with you at all times.

If you need to take your passport with you when on land then do not keep it in your wallet – if your wallet is taken then you will still have your passport. Always carry your bag strapped across your body and to the front of you.

Lost Passport

If you lose your passport overseas you will need to contact an Australian Embassy or Consulate.

A full list of these can be found at

If you loose your passport then you will not be able to continue your travels without contacting and seeking advice from an Australian Embassy or Consulate.

Water and humidity can affect your passport documents – keep your passport in a safe location.